Content Marketing Trends In 2022 To Drive 3.5x More Conversions
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Content Marketing Trends In 2022 To Drive 3.5x More Conversions

Content Marketing Trends

Importance of Content Marketing in today’s era

Andrew Davis, one of the most influential marketers in the world, once said that content helps in building relationships; relationships are built on trust, and trust drives more revenue.

The quote perfectly describes why content marketing is so important in today’s age. Consumers are not looking for promotional content that provides no value. Instead, they seek value-driven content that focuses on their pain points and needs. The world of content will continue to evolve and expand in 2022 with the brand’s marketing strategies. There is various user-generated content that you can use to leverage your approach and refine your strategy.

Kyros Solution, one of the best digital marketing agency in Surat, provides you with the best content marketing services you will need for your brand. This blog will focus on powerful trends that every marketer should know to drive 3.5x more conversions.

Content marketing trends to drive more conversions


With the growing popularity of TikTok and Instagram, the audio trend is growing quite popular in 2022, especially podcast content. As per a recent study, US consumers will spend nearly 15 billion hours listening to podcasts in 2021. The value of 15 billion is up by 25% from 2020. The platform for podcasting is growing and provides an incredible opportunity for marketers to utilize this field to their benefit fully. They are one of the cheapest ways to create new content, which is one of the primary reasons it is a natural fit for any marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

You must have heard the proverb that a picture says a thousand words, but can you tell how many a video says? Video content is a great way to display company culture and the in-depth benefits of a brand’s services. In addition, it is a great way to get people easily excited, as moving ads are more helpful in Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Surat than just images.

One can do video marketing in the following ways –

Short-form videos

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat allow users to share short, vertical stories that vanish after 24 hours. Thus, video marketers have a new way to target their audience, unlike traditional videos.

Smartphone videos

Unedited smartphone videos will dominate the video content market in 2022. They are unscripted and authentic, giving viewers a genuine glimpse into the lives of the people in the video. It is a great way for storytelling and building branding content.


Vlogging is quite personal and helps the consumers to know the creators on an intimate level. It helps build a connection between a brand and a consumer that cannot be replicated. It is predicted that the field of vlogging will continue to grow in 2022.

Social media video ads

One can say that social media platforms are like a goldmine for brands looking to reach a wider audience. Since videos are so engaging, social media video ads help to drive more traffic and increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Other forms of video marketing include Livestream videos and live webinars, silent videos, animated explainer videos, AR and VR video content, and vertical videos.

Voice Search content

Voice search content marketing is on hype in 2022 because of its SEO benefits and the advantages that it gives to a brand. It mainly involves using spoken order to retrieve any data from search engines.

Let us explore some popular voice search trends –

  1. A large group uses voice search to find information about local businesses. They mainly use it to know about nearby locations and establishments. The search for ‘near me’ is quite high, as per a recent study by Google.
  2. Another Voice search marketing trend that is gaining hype these days is voice-enabled chatbots. In 2018, the average voice search per month was 1 billion, where most of the questions came through voice-enabled chatbots.
  3. Another important component of voice search for businesses is speed recognition technology. When a brand optimizes itself with relevant phrases and keywords, they tend to capture the voice searches of a consumer. This trend is quite helpful in the marketing process of business and helps deliver the required results.

Metaverse Marketing

Research shows that around 85 million people will use virtual or augmented reality in 2021. As technology advances have made AR and VR more enticing, usage has been growing steadily and has doubled since 2017. So, if metaverse marketing is not a part of your content strategy, it needs to be. It is essential to understand this concept for the engagement of younger consumers.

Following are the key features of a Metaverse –

  1. It is always active.
  2. It has a timeline that coincides with the timing of the real world.
  3. It is a fully functioning and self-contained universe.
  4. It has a mixture of different platforms.
  5. It helps in creating user-generated content.

Increasing conversions by focusing on content’s usability

An effective content strategy needs to focus on every Google algorithm update and fully focus on user experience. Every piece of a brand’s personalized content should help convert potential users to actual customers and drive them away from competitors’ arms.

A brand needs to put efforts more into conversion prowess and usability and less into the volume of the content. Kyros Digital, a digital marketing agency in Surat, will help you build an effective strategy for your business.

Optimization of visual content

Blog posts can attract a brand’s target audience, but texts alone cannot suffice. When a business combines various content types, it leads to further optimization of CX.

A well-planned visual content structure can enhance customer interaction and quickly move potential customers on the buyer journey. One of the most popular forms of this type of marketing is infographics. A graphic portrayal of useful information and data makes it easy to introduce valuable content when users do not want to spend time reading a full blog.

Personalized and hyper-personalized approaches

A brand uses email marketing by customizing information and messages to create leads and improve user engagement. Nowadays, brands are increasingly finding the best possible ways to illustrate their understanding of a buyer’s journey.

But you must be thinking, what are hyper-personalized approaches?

It is a kind of data-driven marketing approach that uses analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation to generate distinguished conversations with consumers. It not only refers to calling a customer by its name but also looks into a user’s wants, preferences, and needs. Marketers can consider each individual buyer’s character and cater their content marketing towards certain products, languages, and marketing channels.

A perfect example of a hyper-personalized approach is the recommendations given by Netflix based on a user’s recent viewing history.

 A good content strategy is important to launch any digital marketing campaign effectively. A well-written piece of content drives more website traffic and helps in a higher ranking in SERPs. It often leads to more conversions for a business and makes users engage more with your brand and website. A well-executed content strategy campaign can give you 3.5x revenue for your digital marketing efforts. For more information on the benefits of content strategy, you can check our blog, Content marketing – Key to an effective digital marketing strategy.

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