15 Best Blogs to Follow for Your Digital Marketing Agency?
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15 Best Blogs to Follow for Your Digital Marketing Agency?

15 Best Blogs to Follow for Your Digital Marketing Agency (2)

Learn the best blogs for digital marketing agencies to keep up with the latest trends in internet marketing. If you’re looking for an agency that can help you navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, then this is the place. 

The 15 Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow




Ahref is one of the most popular SEO software suites that every digital marketing companies use to get high google rankings. To describe it in simpler words, Ahref is a primary backlink checker because it has one of the largest live link databases. It also provides detailed knowledge about backlinks, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank monitoring, and site audit. Furthermore, Ahref uses different SEO measures to analyze and offer effective results for every site analysis done. Its keyword research tool also offers an analysis of competitors’ brand keywords. Another important characteristic of the Ahref tool is that it helps you explore the content based on performance measures.

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Semrush is a Search Engine Optimized tool suite used by digital marketing companies. That enables your keyword research. keyword strategy tracking, backlinking, competitor analysis, and more. Semrush tool will help you find and target the keyword phrases or variations of keywords from a root word, yielding the most search traffic. With Semrush, you can also analyze your site performance in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can also dive into your competitor’s profile by knowing their most trafficked keywords. In addition, Semrush is a great tool for the originality of updated content ideas for blog making. It can automatically track the site’s performance based on keywords most essential to the brand.

Reference URL: https://www.semrush.com/blog/



Backlinko was founded and established by Brian Dean, an internationally acknowledged SEO expert. It is one of the most widely popular online marketing blogs that marketers can use to help grow their online business. Backlinko is an SEO-based blog that focuses on detailed case studies and stepwise tutorials with exceptional content. The SEO training blog gives a complete understanding and in-depth knowledge for an individual trying to boost their rankings on google resulting in the growth of their business online. The founder of backlinko, Dean, strived to provide the absolute SEO knowledge that his readers would not find anywhere else. The content in the backlinko blog is updated every year due to frequent changes in SEO principles. Moreover, the blog contains detailed tips on building backlinks and ample case studies showing the results of different SEO strategies.

Reference URL: https://backlinko.com/blog

Uber suggest


Ubersuggest is a free online SEO and digital marketing tool that helps you generate keyword ideas to enhance and extend your content marketing strategy. It is a free chrome extension SEO tool that shows you the monthly search volume of your keywords, competitive data, and cost per click. Ubersuggest will not only offer you meaningful data based on the keyword search on google, but it will also offer insights on YouTube, Amazon, etc. It also has other characteristics, and data measures such as the average number of backlinks, keyword analysis, an extensive chart, percentage of SEO clicks a keyword gets, content ideation, high-ranking pages, site audit, and backlink opportunities.

Reference URL: https://neilpatel.com/blog/ubersuggest-guide/

Moz Blog


Moz is a data management and digital marketing SEO software that helps brands increase their trafficking, site visibility, and high ranking in search results. The key aspects of the Moz blog include tracking of rank, site audits, analysis of backlinks, and exploring keyword tools. It helps businesses track competitors’ movements allowing them to discover advantages to achieve top ranking.

It can also perform site checks every week automatically. The software suite permits end users to prioritize their keywords and compare phrases to improve content and marketing strategies. Moreover, Moz lets you track your competitor’s brand ranking and ensures that you have the maximum potential to rank your keywords by inspecting the content of your page.

Reference URL: https://moz.com/blog

Copy blogger


Copy blogger is one of the most popular marketing education companies founded in 2006. It is an educational tool that provides thorough information and understanding about copywriting, online marketing, content marketing, SEO marketing, and email marketing in blog posts, email copy, etc. This wealth of information guide is helpful to any content creator or online marketer. The platform majorly focuses on generating leads for your business by creating ample quality blog posts for your site. Copyblogger teaches you some terrific tips and tricks to build great content that makes your blog successful online.

Reference URL: https://copyblogger.com/blog/

Search Engine Journal

Search engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal is an online platform launched in 2003, based in Florida, United States, where marketing experts worldwide post news, interviews, and how-to guides. Search Engine Journal is dedicated to the promotion of search engine optimization. By collaborating and innovating jointly, the platform offers to help the interactive-marketing community leading to success. Moreover, it publishes daily content on content marketing, social media, SEO, email marketing, paid search, display advertising, WordPress, analytics, and much more. The platform focuses on smarter work by publishing tactics, strategies, tools, and tricks that helps SEO become educated and empowered.

Reference URL: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch

Search engine watch is one of the earliest and most respected global. Online resources established in 1996. Search engine watch offers news and information. And analysis about search engines and search engine marketing. The platform helps businesses improve their ability to be found in search engines. With the Search Engine Watch by your side, you can easily decide which market or search engine you want to target because the more specific you are, the more accurate your results will be.

Reference URL: https://www.searchenginewatch.com/

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is an online platform that publishes daily search marketing news stories, strategies, industry trends, advice, tips & tricks, and tactics. The platform helps businesses grow while gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through efforts. Search engine land conveys all facets of digital marketing, featuring articles on search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and analytics.

Reference URL: https://searchengineland.com/


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that enhances your website’s position on search engines, helping you optimize the site’s content and keyword phrases. The plugin yields you an effortless way to optimize the content so that one can find the brand in search engines. It analyzes the page’s content and provides a clue and hint on how to improve it. The key aspects of Yoast are controlling meta descriptions, controlling titles, fixing targeted keywords, keeping track of how often you use them, and managing sitemaps. The Yoast tool is one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and widely popular plugins.

Reference URL: https://yoast.com/seo-blog/



Kissmetrics is a web analytics solution that helps you track your customer conversion process, navigate the business world decisions, and identify data and trends which directly contribute to your crux. The tool has an amazing set of features, like tracking the efficacy of marketing channels, tracking user conversion time, determining engagement measures with users, and creating a quick dashboard to let you handle measures briefly. With this web analytic tool, it is easier to acknowledge the customers’ behavior and keeps you focused on metrics that are essential to improve the business growth leading to success.

Reference URL: https://www.kissmetrics.io/blog/



Hubspot is a powerful software tool developed for the company’s marketing, sales and services, and operation departments. It provides all the necessary tools needed to run effective marketing campaigns. The software is designed in such a way that it helps organizations execute their inflowing marketing strategies. The key features of HubSpot include blogging, keywords, website building, ads, landing pages, email marketing, reporting, social media interaction, marketing automation, lead management, and much more. The software is developed to help you create a better relationship with your end-users in a unified interface that helps you with easy use and navigation.

Reference URL : https://blog.hubspot.com/

Social Media Examiner

social media examiner


Social media examiner is an online resource founded in California, United States, in 2009. The platform publishes blogs, comprehensive articles, podcasts, expert interviews, research, news, and magazines to help businesses use social media to engage with their customers, generate traffic, create awareness, and increase sales. The social media examiner is designed to help businesses explore and discover how to use social media tools in an effective and better way for business growth.

 Reference URL: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/



Unbounce is an online platform developed for creating landing pages. Easily so that businesses can focus on creating content that yields lead conversion instead of investing time to build landing pages for their campaigns. Unbounce offers a variety of pre-fix templates and professional layouts that contribute to lead conversion. The platform was founded in 2009 to make it easier for an average individual, entrepreneur, agency, or large-scale business to create landing pages that look professional without any technical experience. It is built based on mobile-first marketing so that every page looks great on all devices without any extra effort.

Reference URL: https://unbounce.com/blog/



Mangools is a comprehensive SEO tool for productive website operation. It is a toolset suite that consists of 5 applications, namely KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and Site profile. Mangools focuses on making SEO accessible for everyone, from beginners to professionals. It is one of the best and most effective SEO tools that is easy to operate, and its versatile nature lets you boost search engine traffic with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it lets you explore and effectively use the right SEO tools to generate high traffic to websites.

Reference URL: https://mangools.com/blog/

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