6 most important SEO trends in 2023
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6 most important SEO trends in 2023

The 6 most important SEO trends for 2023

Why Is SEO Important In 2023?

An interesting marketing tactic that has been around for more than two decades is SEO. Since Google’s birth and the craze of online searches, along with Web 2.0, we have seen the rise of an entirely online business model.

Most businesses started hiring “Search Engine Experts” to make their brands rank on Google. In the years since Google’s first update, many tactics and strategies have risen and fallen.

So, we will discuss the latest trends you need to know in 2023 to get an edge over your competitors.

Latest SEO Trends to Set You Apart From Your Competitors

Let us talk about the important evolving strategies that any business needs to keep in mind in 2023.

1. Link Building

Link Building is still one of Google’s most important ranking factors, but it is changing rapidly. The overall SEO strength and the linking domain’s relevance are important, as just getting a link from any site will not work.

One of the main reasons is that 201 ranking factors are responsible for deciding the ranking of the page eligibility. And when we talk about the link, relevance and content relevancy play an important role.

Another key factor that needs to be kept in mind is the propensity of the sites to link out to other domains. If you are new to link building then must read our Complete Guide to Link Building.

2. It is no longer the main objective of SEO to rank number one

As per a study by Core DNA, nowadays, increased website traffic is not directly related to ranking first on Google. The search engine result pages (SERPs) are filled with question boxes, advertisements, and snippets.

Although a website may be ranked first, it may still be buried below these factors. Therefore, core DNA recommends concentrating on your click-through rate (CTR) instead of obsessively trying to rank first on Google.

You can improve your CTR by experimenting with different Meta descriptions and headlines. In particular, experiment with different combinations of words in Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

3. Sharing informative content

There is a saying that “Content is King,” and rightfully so because it’s the substance that your visitors experience as soon as they arrive at your site. But nowadays, its interpretation has been misinterpreted.

We all know it is a common practice that most SEOs make content for search engines. This will include stuffing it with keywords and filling the internet with generic content without value.

This strategy may work in a niche that has less competition. However, when the competition gets tough, the only thing that will help you win the battle is unique content.

4. Passage ranking and featured snippets

Featured snippets is a relatively new concept. This is a result that appears above Google’s number one listing.

Passage indexing or passage ranking is the mechanism by which certain passages are selected as featured snippets.

The factors on which the passage index depends are:

  • Length of the passage
  • Passage <h2> tag
  • Putting image
  • Putting valid schema markup
  • Not using anchor text

5. Discover new sources of traffic from google discover and google news

Google’s autocomplete feature is often associated with predictive search. As a result, predictive search has become more closely linked to Google Discover, a mobile app that delivers videos and articles. Although it is a new service, its popularity has grown over the years, with over 800 million users.

However, Google algorithm which Google discovers works is still a mystery to marketers. As more factors enter the picture, predictive search systems are expected to become much more sophisticated. In addition, google discover can become an efficient tool to increase traffic to the website.

6. Image search brings in a lot of traffic

It is important to put your focus on blogs, videos, and landing pages. However, if you are not paying attention to optimizing your images, you are missing out on an important tactic to bring more traffic to your website.

People explore the google image section for various reasons, and it is not difficult to rank images in this section. To accomplish this goal, SEO practitioners should use high-quality, relevant images with custom filenames and alt tags.

These popular 6 SEO trends will help you stay ahead of your competitors in 2023. Implement these strategies and see mind-blowing results in your efforts.