How to Use Answer the Public Tool to Get More Traffic?
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How to Use Answer the Public Tool to Get More Traffic?

How to Use Answer the Public to Get More Traffic

Introduction To Answer The Public Tool

Anyone with little idea of how the world of digital marketing works would know that content is the cornerstone here. And anyone who wants to leverage this fact wants to learn how to create content that reaches the audience and is loved by them.

Keyword research is one of the most fundamental activities when it comes to SEO or SEM. With the right keyword research and tools, you can easily tap into what your target customers are searching for. And with the help of that, you can direct them to your webpage through well-crafted ads and content.

An innovative way to gather keywords is by finding out what questions your audience is already asking or might ask. Answer the public is the key tool that will help you find the keywords and enhance your content marketing strategies.

Answer The Public Tool – What Is It?

Well, Answer The Public is a keyword SEO tool that visualizes search questions and suggests auto-complete searches in the form of an image called a search cloud. This tool gives one an insight into what their customers search for on the internet.

It is like a goldmine of information and data for content ideas as this tool combines the suggested results from top search engines, namely Google and Bing. This helps brands understand the emotions and motivations behind the questions asked by their potential customers.

From the search cloud, the results are classified into categories corresponding to the 5 Ws, plus how, can, are, which, and will questions.

How To Boost More Traffic Using Answer The Public?

The more focused you are on your website, the better your chances of increasing the conversion rate. Also, if you want to use Answer The Public in terms of SEO, you need to be much more strategic and structured.

Keeping this in mind, here are some steps to use Answer The Public to optimize your content that may drive organic traffic to your website:

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1. Identify your topics based on your buyer’s persona

The first and foremost thing is to define your topics and to do this, all you need to do is take your brand niche and target audience based on your industry. Concentrate on what your audience is most interested in and whether these interests relate to your niche.

You can take the help of Google Search Console and Analytics data to identify topics based on your potential audience’s interaction with your website. No worries if your topics are extensive because Answer the Public helps you narrow down these search queries by showing which are relevant to your business.

2. Conduct research and analyze keywords

Mention a list of general and unspecific key terms that pertain to your buyer personas once you have compiled potential search terms, it’s now time to research their relevance.

You can use SEO tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, and Ubbersuggest to examine your search terms. These tools will help you gain insights such as monthly search volume, SERP features, pages that rank for that query, and related keywords. Make use of these insights to choose keywords you want to pursue.

3. Analyze and study SERPs

Now that you have cut down your keyword list analyze the Google search engine for these search queries.

One of the best things to do is turn on incognito mode and search for your chosen key terms in Google and review the results that appear in the SERPs. Using SERPs, you can decide whether the keyword is relevant to your niche or not.

Also, do not forget to check what type of content is ranking in the search engine to learn what format you should focus on; for instance, is it a blog post or a category page?

4. Create engaging articles

Now, you can put your learning into action by writing articles that will satisfy these search queries. Meaning now that you understand these search queries, you are ready to apply them by writing engaging articles.

Emphasize more on adding value to a broader conversion rate when writing. Enhance your article performance by using captivating headlines, eye-catching imagery, and easily readable with skimmable formatting.

5. Invest in creativity and measure outcomes timely

It is essential to acknowledge that using Answer The Public to optimize your content is only one phase in your digital marketing strategy. So, to measure the impact of efforts and work, you need to track your content’s performance against your planned goals and continue to monitor and analyze for the future. Just because it’s published doesn’t mean we should let it go!

The power of Answer The Public is incredible, making it a great addition to your existing research strategy for organic and paid search marketing. This tool will help you find the real search terms that your target audiences are using. Whether you are confused about a creativity rut or are searching for innovative ways to grow your traffic, this tool lets you find the right words to craft content that grabs audience attention and drives traffic.