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Quora: What Is It?

A highly ranked platform, Quora is a website for answering and asking questions. It is a useful destination for building company awareness by answering questions through its high-search visibility.

In short, you can say that Quora is a global online platform for people to provide answers as well as ask questions. As per Google Trends, the search volume is more in India than in the United States.

However, many search queries rank well in Quora. The primary reason why Google ranks Quora so highly for questions is that it answers questions. Google’s main business is showing web pages that answer to its public. Likewise, Quora is a website that provides answers to the questions asked.

In February 2022, as per the now defunct Alexa popularity ranking, Quora was ranked as the top #323 site globally and #276 out of all the sites in the U.S.

Thus, you can say that Quora is the platform for getting answers to literally any question ranging from “what is your worst nightmare?” to how to start a blog.

Why Should Quora Be Used For Marketing?

The platform of Quora is perfect for marketing. Let us tell you why:

  1. You have the opportunity to get exposure to 300 million monthly users of Quora.
  2. Direct leads and high-quality traffic to your website.
  3. Coving over 3,00,000 topics, you can exhibit your expertise on almost any topic.
  4. You can explain your business, products, and services directly to anyone who asks for it.
  5. Apart from answering your own topic-focused boards on your profile, you can share content from other websites as well.

What Is The Working Process Of Quora?

It is easy to participate in Quora. You can easily start answering questions by registering with the website.

A good answer gets upvoted, while a poor answer gets downvoted. Thus, this site is largely self-moderated. The site members can also report responses that are abusive or spammy on Quora. They are known as the moderators who review the answers posted on the site.

The moderators are the subcontractors or employees at Quora.

Do You Think It’s Okay To Link To Your Site On Quora?

Adding links to one’s site is often seen in an unfavorable light as it poorly reflects on the site being promoted and the member.

You should not be active in Quora questions just to make links. Furthermore, it is quite pointless as the links won’t be followed. Thus, Google is not likely to use them. The best approach you can follow on this website is to build awareness about your brand by being an active member of Quora.

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How to Make a Quora SEO Strategy?

A client pays search marketing consultants to achieve measurable and attributable ranking-related benefits. A marketer can generally expect a positive outcome is site visits or links.

Other marketing methods are more difficult to measure or attribute a direct benefit to. This indirect approach will help users get accustomed to a website and begin searching for it with its name. This is quite advantageous for ranking.

It will lead to direct visits, word-of-mouth popularity, better rankings, and links.

Word Of Mouth

The primary element of business marketing is to get it out through word of mouth. The best kind of recommendation that a business can get is when a friend recommends your site to another friend.

When a business can get people so excited about their company that they are referred by friends o each other, that is actually a license to make so much money.

A competitor cannot simply put up against this type of promotion.

To come to the point, a business needs to promote itself through word of mouth. Many success stories owe their fame to recommendations made by their friend.    

Piggyback Rankings

Another tactic you can use to build an online presence is ranking on another website. This is sometimes known as piggyback rankings.

An old-fashioned strategy for ranking software companies was to identify all relevant software download sites and submit the software using unique content that was highly optimized.

Similarly, a brand can give answers on Quora in a comprehensive and useful and rank for those keywords. If the Quora page mentions the website, it will be a win. When other website members start linking to your site, that’s a big win.

This will mean that your brand will receive traffic and build goodwill for itself.

When a brand starts appearing in the answers, consumers can develop positive familiarity with it.

Marketing with Quora: Why It’s Important

The digital marketing community tends to emphasize quick wins and derive benefits from that activity.

Rankings and popularity often come from the harder work of building excellence. In addition to having excellent customer service, promotional activities are the path towards success and achievement.

It would help if you did not consider Quora as a strategy. Developing a solid reputation and being a good community member are best done multi-faceted.


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