Difference Between Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads
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Difference Between Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

Difference Between Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads – Difference Between The Platforms

What Platform Is Best For Advertising?

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads – which one to choose among them is the common question among brand owners. The former has an active daily user of around 1.9 billion, while the latter is the go-to search engine for every internet user. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are vital pay-per-click (PPC) ad platforms. Facebook Ads campaign targets products that their target audience is not actively looking for (Eg, headphones). Whereas Google Ads is best for brands that consumers want (Eg, plumber).

Let us understand the difference between them in brief –

  Facebook Ads Google Ads
The intent of the user Passive – Users are not actually looking for a particular product or service; the target audience is decided based on their interests and demography. Active – Users are actually looking for a particular product or service and are ready to buy if provided with the desired goods.
Options for targeting Comprehensive – user’s interest, life events, buying behaviors, demographics, and location. Limited – it largely depends on the search intent of the user and its demographics.
Options for Ad placement Facebook (Right Column stories, Marketplace, Instream Video, Feed), Instagram (Stories and feed), Facebook Messenger, and expanded Audience network. Google and partners of Google search (The New York Times, Amazon, The Washington Post, and search engines like Dogpile, Lycos, and Ask.com)
Types of Ads Slideshow, Video, Image, Collection, Instant Experience, and Carousel. Call-only, Shopping Ads, and Text.
Average Click Rate For Facebook Ads, it is 1.11% For Google Adwords, it is 2%
Average Rate of Conversion The Average Rate of Conversion for Facebook Ads is 9.21% For Google Adwords, the average rate of conversion is 4.40%
Simplicity in usage When we talk about Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, advertisements on Facebook are very user-friendly. Google Ads has a very inconvenient and cumbersome interface.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads – When To Choose Each Platform?

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads – they both have a different purpose of serving. If you want to build awareness about your product or service, which people may want but don’t necessarily need, a brand should choose Facebook Ads. Google Ads, however, is best for brands that are providing products or services that consumers are actively searching for. Kyros Solution is one of the Best Google Ads – PPC Agency In Surat.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads – Working On Both The Platforms

In a nutshell – Both the PPC ad platforms work similarly with one simple difference: Google Ads are targeted by keywords, whereas audiences target Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a networking and social media platform with a customer base of 2.8 million. Ads are made on Facebook using the robust Facebook Ad Manager platform. They are then displayed to their target audience as per their interests, behavior, demographics, and Facebook engagement patterns. So the bigger question is how to create Facebook Ads. First, it is relatively to create ads on Facebook. To make ads, click the ‘create’ button; select your ad format; choose your audience; edit ad settings; write the copy of your ad, and add pictures. As part of the ad creation process, a brand selects an ad placement, ad run time, and ad budget.

When you compare Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, the only thing that sets them apart is their method of audience targeting. Google Adwords campaigns are visible at the top of the search results pages in a similar format as organic search results. The Google Ads and organic search results depend on the keywords searched by the user and how those keywords line up with the ad content. To make Google Adwords, the advertisement creators sign up for a Google Ads account. After signing up, they add text-only ad copy and information regarding keyword targeting. Kyros Solution is one of the Best Facebook Ads Agency In Surat.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads – Budget And Conversion Rate

In a nutshell

Facebook Ads are comparatively less costly but have a lower conversion rate.

When considering the affordability of Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, you need to consider its click-through and average conversion rates. Through a chart, let us compare the cost-effectiveness of Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Google Ads
Avg. CPC (Cost Per Click) $1.72 $2.69
Avg. CPM (Cost-per-mile or Thousand Views) $11.29 N/A
Avg. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition or Action) $28.11 $48.96
Minimum spending on Daily Ads $1 $0
Avg. CTR (Click Through Rate) 0.89% 3.17%
Avg. Rate of Conversion 7.75% 3.75%


Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads – Features Of The Campaign

In a nutshell

the Facebook Ads campaign has a long list of features and options from platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and its Audience Network) to placements of Ads (stories, chat, and feed)

As discussed above, the primary difference between Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads is their method of targeting the audience. While Facebook provides comprehensive audience targeting options, Google has very less options. Let us explore the unique features of each of these platforms-


Facebook Ads Google Adwords
Networks of Advertisement Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and Audience Network. Google Search display, Local service Ads, and Shopping.
The intent of the target customer Passive Active
Advertisement Target Audience Keywords
Advertisement with Images Possible Possible but only for Shopping Ads
Ads with videos Possible N/A
Automatic Optimization of Budget Possible with a Budget for a lifetime. Possible


FAQs About Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads

Which one is better – Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads?

When you compare Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads, Google Ads are preferable for particular brands or marketing goals. For instance, businesses serving in the service industry or those who need products on a demand basis.

How effective are Google Ads?

A brand can reach its target customer effectively through Google Ads. The efficiency of these Ads mainly depends on ad content, campaign strategy, and targeting.

Should you go for Google Ads?

Google Ads are generally more cost-effective and affordable since advertisers only pay for them when their potential customers interact with them. This makes them a popular choice, even among those with higher CPCs. In addition, Google also provides free ad promo codes.


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