It is important for a brand to grow organically every month. If the SEO is done correctly, after 2-3 months, there will be a steady increase in organic traffic.

Someone who doesn’t know anything about SEO knows the value of ranking their desired keywords. Make sure to keep track of keyword movements for existing keywords.

In your backlink report, include both new and lost backlinks, particularly in correlation with newly ranked pages. You'll be able to convince any client that backlinks are crucial to SEO and overall business growth with this strategy.

You need to improve the content and provide a meaningful, engaging experience for your client’s visitors if they have a high bounce rate. Content should be well-structured, and internal links should be abundant to help a brand's target audience navigate its website.

Fast-loading websites provide a great user experience and encourage visitors to stay and click around. A website that takes too long to load will have a high bounce rate and a short session duration because visitors will immediately bounce after opening a link.