Use Quotes To Get An EXACT Match

One of the most effective and simplest ways to look for something particular is to search for the exact words or phrases in exact line order and use quotation marks around the phrase.

Search Within A Specific Site With Site

Add site: before a search query to have Google return results from within a particular website. Additionally, this feature is useful when you are searching within a website that lacks an internal search option or has a poor one.

Search For A Particular Filetype With Filetype

Using the filetype: operator in the Google search engine will limit your results to a particular file type or file extension.

Combine Searches With OR, AND Logic

In cases where you don't know which term will be used from a list, OR searches may be useful. Similarly, in cases where you want your search results to contain two terms, AND searches are beneficial.

Check Out Related Websites Using Related

The related: operator is beneficial when you are looking for similar websites. This operator will help you fetch all the websites that are identical to your searched site.