Unlock The Power Of Social Media With An Expert’s Guide
Social Media

Unlock The Power Of Social Media With An Expert’s Guide

Social Media Guide

Social Media – A Necessity For Your Business

Many brands think that they understand social media but do you have an idea about the influence it can have on your brand? It would help if you understood that knowing how to take full advantage of its influence is the best thing you can do for your business.

In this guide, we will cover a social media marketing guide for you which will include – its meaning, its benefits, and how you can measure the results of your organic campaign.  

Let us first start by explaining what social media marketing is. It involves using social platforms to promote your business, brand, or services. In the last ten years, it has become an important part of any marketing campaigns organized by brands. As per recent research by Ad Week, almost 91% of businesses use two or more social platforms for their business.

The foundation of a business’s social media marketing strategy is built on building relationships and connecting with current and potential customers. Building the right and meaningful connection will lead to an increase in brand loyalty, thereby increasing the sales of a business. But a business must ensure they have the right technology, team, and strategy to establish an effective social presence on all platforms.

Social Media Platforms For Your Business

In 2022, every business has the option to choose from so many social platforms, but not every platform will make sense for a business.

Most brands prefer having a presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. However, your choice of platform will depend heavily on your niche industry and the type of content you plan on generating.


With an active user of 1.3 billion, it is the world’s largest image-sharing platform. It is the perfect social platform for businesses having high-quality videos, photos, or other visual content. A brand can easily promote social media on this platform by using reels, shoppable e-commerce features, and high visibility of stories.


It is the largest social network in the entire world. There is an obvious reason why this platform has been around for so long – it is a tried and tested revenue generator. If a brand is trying to build awareness, drive-in traffic, and attract users to the store, advertising on Facebook can bring outstanding results.


This social platform currently has 211 million active users. People usually use this platform to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. The best social media campaigns on Twitter can drive excellent traffic to a brand’s website. Also, this platform’s high search functionality can reach people talking about a brand or business.


It is the second-most used social platform in the world after Facebook. It is more than a social platform with a monthly active user of 2.29 billion. The channel promotes long-form content, allowing users to receive information visually. If a business wants it to appear better in search results, it must be active on this social platform.


With an active user database of 740 million, almost 40% of LinkedIn members use it daily. It is a great platform for businesses to market themselves to job seekers and potential consumers. People use this channel to get a better sense of a company or a brand. Often, a company uses this platform to celebrate their wins, generate sales leads, and recruit new people.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Marketing Services

There are various benefits of using social platforms for promoting a brand besides the most obvious point, access to a vast majority of the audience.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Social platforms allow a brand to talk with its consumers. It allows a business to build consumer relationships by interacting with them daily. It has been estimated that almost 78% of people buy products from a brand after having a positive experience on social media.

Kyros Solution, a digital marketing company, can help a brand build an effective community by replying to comments or tagged photos and facilitating back-and-forth conversations with a consumer. This relationship will increase brand loyalty, thereby enhancing the trust of a consumer.

Increase In Website Traffic

Every business wants to attract more traffic to its website. The good news is there are millions of people using social platforms daily. But the real challenge for a business is to figure out which customers to reach and the best way to reach them.

A social media management company can help you organically increase traffic by adding links to the brand’s bio or using paid ads to target a specific group of customers. A brand can optimize paid ads for conversions, which one track through pixels and UTM links.

Competitor’s Analysis

The best thing about social platforms is their transparency. The more authentic you are, the more likely a consumer will trust you. Since most businesses have a presence on a social platform, it makes it easy for a brand to analyze what its competitors are doing.

Things to look for while analyzing a competitor’s social platform:

  • Their target audience.
  • Their engagement rates.
  • Kind of content their followers like.
  • Amount of people talking about their brand.

Measuring Organic Social Media Success

Let us discuss the four ways you can measure success on various social platforms.


A brand can measure volume by measuring how many people are talking about them. The easiest organic way to measure this is through hashtags. For instance, you can see how many views a hashtag has generated for a business on Instagram. A brand can also use social listening tools like Sprout Social or Talk walker to measure conversation volume.


Reach is measured by the number of people viewing your content. There are two main methods of measuring this – reach and impressions.

Impressions mean the number of times a brand’s content has been viewed by its audience. In contrast, reach includes the number of new people viewing their content. Every social platform has an internal analytics system that helps calculate these numbers.

Reach is something that should be calculated each month. As the audience grows, so should the reach of your brand, but organic posts can only go so far. It is calculated that organic posts only reach about 10% of a brand’s followers.


The engagement measurement calculates the number of people interacting with a brand’s post. Engagement is something that should be observed in every post. Kyros Solution provides Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Surat to help with a brand’s social media marketing activities.

When a brand learns about the likes and dislikes of its audience, it helps them optimize its future content, thus ensuring that engagement increases.

The total engagement rate is calculated using the accumulated likes, shares, comments, and clicks. Engagement rate (ER) is calculated by dividing total engagement by total impressions.


Influence is a key metric for any brand as it inspires action. You need people to buy your products if you want to increase sales. But you need people to know about your brand if you want them to buy. Thus, reaching them at an appropriate time is important and keeping them engaged. Influence is the collection of all social platform metrics, but the primary way to calculate it is through follower growth.

More followers, the bigger your brand. Many brands, especially the ones just starting, approach influencers with a well-established community who trust them. When a brand works with an influencer, they are in the hope of tapping into some of their fans with the hope that they follow them too.

The best thing about social platforms is that they provide the opportunity for two-way communication. It is beneficial both for the brand and the consumer. Now that you know the power of this platform, all you have to do is to get started and build a history for your business!

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