How To Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score Quickly?
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How To Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score Quickly?

How to improve your Google Ads quality score quickly

Why Is It Important To Improve Google Ads Quality Score?

The google ads quality score is a rating that estimates the overall relevance of the landing page, the landing page experience, keywords, and ads. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.

There are two main reasons why it is essential to determine the quality score:

  1. From the perspective of Google, it helps Google to judge how relevant your ad is. If your ad is not served relevant by Google, it may not get served. The thing is, Google wants to maintain its status as the number 1 search engine and will use the quality score to ensure ads are relevant to its users.
  2. From the advertiser’s perspective, the quality score will help you judge the success of your account. As per the google ads bidding strategy, the advertiser who will have the highest ad rank will hold the highest ad position on Google.

The below-mentioned formula will tell you how quality score plays a significant role in the determination of Ad rank.


Easy Ways To Improve Google Ads Quality Score

Go through each of these five steps to gain success in your google ads.

1. Ad group, keyword structure, and campaign

Organize ad groups and campaigns with a granular structure using as many ad groups as necessary. Include only closely related keywords within each ad group. It will allow ad groups to better target ads with keywords within them. When it comes to optimization, a granular set-up has other benefits but is also really important for quality scores.

Opting for a less granular structure will compromise the CTR and ad relevance since it’s more challenging to tailor ads to a vast number of keywords in one ad group.

Easy tool to help you – Want to find out the easiest way to go granular? The search automation tool can find keywords focused on your product features.

2. Write compelling and relevant ad copy

Continuing the previous step, try writing compelling and relevant ad copy. Try adding the best performing keywords in an ad group in an ad’s description, URL slug, and headline. The two advantages that you will derive from this are:

  • People are more likely to click on the ad when they see their search query in the ad copy. This will increase the CTR of the ad.
  • The ad will receive a higher relevance from google, which is one of the critical components that make up for a good quality score.

Your ad copy mustn’t sound robotic; instead, it should be compelling and persuasive.

Easy tool to help you – You can use the Feed-driven search ads tool to help you reach the granularity you desire without straining your time and resources.

3. Dynamic headlines and Ad formats

Google ads best practices include ensuring that ad groups have both expanded text ads and the newest format of ad, i.e., responsive search ads. It will give you the best possible chance of gaining the maximum CTR possible. Google has been promoting responsive search ads for quite some time now, and when you include them, Google will reward you with a higher optimization score.

You can boost CTR by including the following in your dynamic ad headlines:

  • Inserting a keyword is one option that pulls in the user’s search query, making the ad extremely relevant.
  • Inserting location pulls the nearest state/country/city of the user into the ad copy, making the ad copy highly relevant to the user.
  • Another dynamic feature that you can add is a countdown. It works great when you have a special offer going on, and it has an expiration date. It creates an urgency in the user, which thus increases the CTR. Find SEM Agency in Surat.

4. Include as many relevant ad extensions as you can

Ad extensions do not influence your quality score; however, it helps in increasing your CTR.

You can use ad extensions to expand your ad. In addition to increasing the amount of space your ad occupies in the search engine, they provide users with additional information about your business and services. Therefore, your expected click-through rate and CTR will benefit by adding as many relevant ad extensions as possible.

As per the rule of thumb, structured snippet extensions, callouts, and site links are applicable in every business and should always be added.

5. Improve your landing page

One of the critical components that determine your quality score is the landing page experience. The previous 4 steps focus more on ad relevance, ad group structure, and campaign.

However, the work to improve your quality score does not end in optimization, as it is also essential to consider the following on your landing page:

  • The consistent message goes from keyword to ad and then from ad to landing page. Please note that the keywords mentioned on your landing page are relevant to what is being searched for.
  • Please use the best URL in every ad group to provide the searcher with what they are looking for.

There are various types of google ads campaigns that you can design by using the tips mentioned above to improve your quality score. A good quality score will help you gain more customers, grow your business, and save money in the future.  Read more on Difference Between Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads for more detailed information.


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