6 Social Media Marketing Tools Every Content Creator Needs
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6 Social Media Marketing Tools Every Content Creator Needs

6 Social Media Marketing Tools Every Content Creator Needs

Content has always been the cornerstone of the internet since its inception. Marketing agencies and brands now realize the incredible power it holds. Content marketing is a social media strategy that strives to provide valuable and informative content to potential people with the objective to convert them into customers.

Creating a powerful digital presence with social media marketing tools to take your graphic content from good to brilliant will help your brand land the targeted leads. To the world outside the social media landscape, creating posts for social media may seem easy. Making fun, engaging, and powerful content for social media plays a vital role in staying on top of the minds of your customers. Using the right kind of tools can make content creation easy and more successful. There is only one thing you need for success – the right kind of tools for the job.

There is a list of tools available to assist you in creating great content in less time. We have compiled the ten best content creation tools to help you along the way.

Tools For Creating Engaging Social Media Marketing Content

        1. Research & Ideation tool – BuzzSumo

src: BuzzSumo
  • Inspiration sometimes will find you stuck between a rock and a hard place. All you need is to come up with a great idea, but either you are running short of time or have got targets to hit.
  • BuzzSumo is one such content research tool that will give you loads of great new angles to think on.
  • The content analyzer lets you dive into any topic or niche, showing details such as likes, shares, and engagement. It has a vast number of articles in its data bank and is excellent for seeing what creativity and social media content formats have worked in the past.
  • Question Analyzer Tab shows actual questions from thousands of forums and sites like Quora and Reddit to help you sharpen in on the areas around the topic.
  • Topic Explorer tab offers a vast world cloud of content concepts that have already been written about or searched for.

    2. Planning Tool – SEMrush Marketing Calendar

semrush marketing calender
src: semrush marketing calender
  • Once you are ready with the perfect content concept that you want to create, you need to outline a solid and sharp editorial, social media calendar and stick to it.
  • Planning a content strategy around a calendar will help you think practically and take the actions needed to drive growth regularly.
  • SEMrush marketing calendar will help you organize your activities in one spot.
  • It will help you monitor your campaign performance with google analytics integration and readjust your plans accordingly.
  • Moreover, you can visualize your deadlines and schedule recurring activities.

    3. Visual Content Creation Tool – Canva

src: Canva
  • The social media tool list would be completely empty without the Canva Tool.
  • Canva is considered one of the most popular and favorite tools for creating social media graphics.
  • It allows users to create high-end images quickly using layouts, elements, and templates.
  • With n number of graphics, icons, and designs to choose from, Canva’s best part is the drag-and-drop interface will have you design like a pro.
  • With an amazing library of templates, it will help you use and customize social media marketing graphics.

    4. Video Editing Tool – Animoto

  • Nearly all social media marketing creators believe that video plays a crucial role in their marketing strategy, helping them generate leads, brand awareness, and boost sales.
  • One such video editing tool that we recommend using is Animoto.
  • This tool features intuitive drag-and-drop functionality that allows even non-experts to create captivating multimedia.
  • It allows you to turn existing video clips and images into a slideshow with little effort in no time.
  • Animoto has a vast number of storyboard templates to choose from or you can build a video from scratch depending on how much time you have on your hands.

    5. Written Content Creation Tool – Grammarly

src: Grammerly


  • It may sound easy but creating content without mistakes is harder than it seems.
  • Grammarly is a written content creation tool that can help you check for spelling and grammatical errors in your content while writing.
  • It helps you write mistake-free copies everywhere on the web.
  • Grammarly has many features to improve your writing as it is a writing enhancement tool.
  • Moreover, it is not only limited to spell check or grammar errors. It also includes punctuation errors, plagiarism checker, tone checker, and much more.

    6. Social Media Management Tool – Buffer


src: Buffer


  • It would get complicated when you are managing several social media profiles altogether. Manually logging in and out gets hectic and time-consuming. That’s where good social media management tools come to the rescue.
  • Buffer is a great social media marketing tool that enables you to schedule your social media content in advance and provides detailed analytics.
  • It provides a common platform and a single dashboard to monitor all your social sharing in one place.
  • Its analytics even determines which content delivers the best results and provides you with crucial insights to strategize accordingly.
  • It will also help you track your content’s performance and manage your account.

Social media tools for creators won’t replace actual creation skills, but they will undoubtedly help you take your content to another level, create better visuals and gain more insights. Providing value to your customers with lasting brand awareness is the best social media tip out there.

With the right tools, you can minimize the time you take to create flawless social media content. Even though all the tools we have listed above can help you create content, it’s up to you to figure out what really works for your potential audience.

If you feel overwhelmed, we get it and have you covered. Let our social media experts design the best strategy goals for your business to exhilarate on another level.