Keyword Research

Keyword Research Is The Process Of Collecting The Actual Search Terms That People Are Looking For In Search Engines. Effective Research Will Land You With An Increase In Engagement Of The Correct Audience, Conversions, Serps Position, And Much More.

Optmizing URL

Proper Structuring Of Urls With Specific Targeted Keywords Will Definitely Yield You A Good Page Rank In Search Engines. They Play A Major Role In The Site’s Initial Ranking And Are Also Used To Group Pages.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags Are Considered One Of The Most Important Factors Of On-Page SEO. It Includes 4 Main Components: Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, And Meta Robots Tag.

Content Optimisation

Content Is The Cornerstone! Great Content Will Always Be Able To Answer The Query, Anticipate The User’s Next Query And Answer Them Too. Important Things While Considering Content Optimization Are Keyword Frequency, Relevance, Usefulness, And Progression.

Header Tags

SEO Is Not Only About What You Say, It’s How And Where You Say It. It's A No-Brainer To Place Your Target Keyword In Your Heading And Subheadings. Optimizing An H1 Will Yield Greater Results Than If The Same Term Is Hidden In The Page Copy.