There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms these days with a complex algorithm. Here is a quick breakdown of facebook's most important algorithm factors. The algorithm focuses on relevancy core, prioritizing friends, time spent on a post, and video engagement.


Pinterest is a type of visual search engine and its algorithm keeps changing. Although it is often considered a social network, it doesn’t work like twitter, instagram, or facebook. The algorithm uses a variety of factors to figure out the relevance of pins such as the user’s query, the user’s activity on pinterest, and the content of the pin.


One of the oldest social media platforms with an excellent network to connect with people. The Linkedin Algorithm is not as complicated as the ones on facebook and instagram but it always aims to establish a connection between people with similar interests. The algorithm mainly focuses on information about your bio and profile.


The Twitter Algorithm is all about personalization and is powered by multiple algorithms determining all of the aspects of how content is served on the platform including everything from recommended accounts, people you follow, geography, and time frames to top tweets.


The second largest global Social Media Platform, the Instagram Algorithm only has one primary goal – to make you stay on the app for a longer duration by delivering the content you will find relevant and most interesting. Relationship, interest, and relevancy are the top factors, its algorithm focuses on.

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