5 Must-Try AI Image Generators That Are Free & Fabulous In 2024


Adobe Firefly

It provides a versatile toolkit for image creation and editing, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Additionally, its outputs are safer for commercial usage due to careful consideration of copyright concerns.

Microsoft Designer

It is an AI-powered generator, that accelerates design processes for creating captivating social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, and more. It offers customizable templates, diverse design elements, and seamless collaboration features too.

Dream Studio

It is perfect for beginners and pro creators, giving a user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. Ideal for content creators, designers, and educators seeking swift, visually stunning outputs for social media, creative drafts, or educational materials.


It is your gateway to effortless image creation, requiring zero AI expertise. It's fast, fun, and perfect for casual use, making it an ideal choice for students, educators, and anyone eager to explore AI image generation without subscription fees.


It offers detailed, artistic outputs with deep customization, serving artists, marketers, and creatives seeking high-quality visuals for various purposes.