Enter Complete Data Of Your Business Profile

Sign in to the Google Business Profile website from your business email account. Enter your business name and add your business to Google if it appears on the drop-down menu. If not, fill out the rest of the details, verify your business and you will get your visibility on Google.

Make Sure To Add Keywords

You can use tools such as Keyword Planner or Google Trends to use the most relevant keywords. There are also tools such as Social Monitoring Tools, Google Analytics, and Hootsuite Insights to discover words people use to discover your business.

Keep Your Business Description Accurate

You need to make sure that the information provided in this profile is accurate and up-to-date. Even if there are some special hours for your holidays, it should be visible on your Google Business profile. This will help consumers get correct information about your business.

Include Videos And Pictures

Do not forget to add a logo and cover photo to your Google Business Profile. In addition, when you add real videos, pictures, locations, teams, or work environments, it will help people easily recognize your brand. As per a recent study by Google, businesses that include pictures of menus, meals, and dining rooms get more clicks through to their websites.

Pay Attention To Customer Reviews

Online reviews play an important part in running a successful business. On your Google Business Profile, customers can leave reviews about your restaurant. If you receive a positive or negative review, use this feature to learn more about their opinions.